STg Proofs in Canada

 Proofs Highlights - December 2016: Loads of new Bulls! 

In #SexedULTRA:

Stantons Miss JOPLIN (Missouri * McCutchen * Observer): JOPLIN is the revelation of this proof round, being the #1 son of the sought-after Missouri on GPA-LPI at 3343, with a Pro$ at 2624$! JOPLIN is perfectly adapted to the free-stall housing, taking advantage of real nice Mammary System at +14 and F&L at +12. He inherited remarkable health traits from his sire, notably for herd life at 111, SCS at 2,64 and Daughter Fertility at 104. JOPLIN comes from a solid McCutchen VG-86 tracing back to Shottle Emilyann VG-88-2YR-USA 34*! 

Stantons CHIEF (High Octane x Uno x Observer): Star of this new round, CHIEF defies all the stats with his above +10 DGVs for all the major traits in conformation! With a GPA LPI @+3338, CHIEF represents the Canadian profile largely researched, combining a wise balance of conformation (+17), production (1439 Kg of milk, +0,15% Fat) and health traits (2.59 SCS, 110 HL and 105 DF). #1 High Octane son on the GPA LPI and Pro$, he goes back to the famous Larcrest Cosmopolitain VG-87- 3YR-USA 8* via a VG-85-2YR-CAN Uno and a VG-87-2YR-CAN 5* Observer. And the icing on the cake is: CHIEF is A2A2! 


Mer-James TARNISH 1220 (Supershot * McCutchen * Iota): very strong on both sides of the border, TARNISH cumulates a double 27, meaning 2787$ Pro$ and +2719 GTPI He reaches these high numbers thanks to a super production potential (+2112 Kg Milk, +98 F, +0.18% Fat and +90 P). He presents a unique profile throughout his different pedigree stacking up generations of dominant sires for production, being an early son of Supershot from one of the best evaluated McCutchen daughter’s at VG-88 * Iota VG-88 * Colby VG-88 * FBI EX-90 * Boliver EX-91 *Addisson VG-85 ! McCutchen comes in as an insurance for a F&L rating at +11 and +16 for heel depth! TARNISH positions himself as an ideal candidate for any free-stall operation and dairy equipped with robot milking. 


JORDY-RED - the fusion of the Red with Sexed semen :

Type enthusiasts, JORDY-RED CVC comes to the breed as the bull for embryo transfers in the next months to generate the next show heifers. #1 Type among the red bulls in the breed at +18 in Canada and at +3,68 GPTAT making him a bull to use without moderation in the black and whites as well! JORDY is sired by McGucci (McCutchen * Apple) from a daughter of Gold Chip who has been classified EX-90 (92 M.S) during her 2nd lactation and produced over 18,000 Kg in 365 days. She is also the dam of the bull Jacoby, already used by type oriented breeders. 

In conventional semen: 

Stantons EINSTEIN (1stclass x Mogul x Super) : Maternal brother to Emperor, Einstein represents also the ideal balanced profile which combines 77Kg of fat, 1390 Kg of milk, 2.61 SCS, and +14 Conformation! He is a Mammary System and Feet & Legs specialist at +16 and +11 respectively, as well as for the Daughter Fertility at +107! A product of the Stantons breeding in Canada and sired by 1stclass, Einstein goes back to the Evett family, recognized for having put numerous bulls in A.I. His dam is one of the best Mogul in Canada and is classified VG-87 at 3 years of age. 

Stantons BLUNDER (Supershot * Uno * Superstition): At 87 kg Fat (+0.19% F) and 79 kg Protein (+0.19%) with 1765 kg of Milk in Canada, BLUNDER surpasses his popular sire Supershot for making the cows able to thrive in the quota system we have. Add to that mix the extreme health traits from his sire stack with +112 Herd Life, +108 Daughter Fertility, 2.67 SCS, good functional type with a Heel Depth at +6 and +9 Mammary, ideal rump structure and medium size, you have a complete bull and available in that select ``27 club`` at +2757 DGV-PRO$ to make profit on the dairy every day. On the other side of the border, he is also attractive at +7.9 PL , +3.3 DPR, an interesting +8 livability, along with +1589 lbs of milk, building a +2619 GTPI and +803 NM$, siring the profitable commercial cow. To round it up BLUNDER will sire the robot friendly kinds and can be used largely in the heifer pens this winter in lots of operations, being also stamped with superior fertility. He comes from a Uno VG-85, then a Superstition VG-87 who produced over 1390 lbs of fat in her first 365 days lactation! 

Stantons ME BOBO (Main Event * Uno * Supertition): #1 Main Event son on GLPI at 3315 and 2711 Pro$, Bobo is perfectly adapted to robotic milking systems, being able to widen the rear teat placement (1W), improves the mammary system (+11) and feet and legs (+11). He combines excellent health traits (114 HL, 2,66 SCS and 108 DF) with a solid production, especially for fat at 88 Kg, +0,41%. On top of this, BOBO is improving the rump angle : 4L ! He is from a Uno VG-85 * Superstition VG-87 tracing back to the famous Goldwyn Nadine VG-87 

T-Gen-Ac CG DEPUTY (Capital Gain * Day * Robust) : The #1 Capital Gain son for GPA LPI at +3221 and Pro$ at 2607$, Deputy is the first son to come to Canada from the best Day daughter in the world and exceptional transmitting cow: Ms America Dixie-ET VG-85 2 YR, the full sister to DAFT PUNK. We rediscover the exceptional production potential from the family of Miss America since Deputy offers a combination of +2246Kg of milk, 104 Kg of Fat and 91 Kg of Protein with largely positive deviations! The dairy strength is coming in the pack at +13, with a solid +8 for chest width. 

Donnandale LAWYER (Millennium * Mascalese * Lauthority): Dominant Millennium son for conformation at +16, Lawyer sets the stage with his second to none profile, when one studies his descriptive traits for conformation. With the promising arrival of the first Millennium daughters in milk, we are confident in the potential of the Lawyer progeny to answer the expectations of the dairy producer. Indeed, his combination of production is interesting with +1865 Kg of milk, while being a carrier of the A2A2 gene. He is also 105 on the new Metabolic Disease Resistance index. His pedigree differs from the rest coming from a Mascalese VG-86 and a Lauthority VG-85 1*, tracing back to the high producing cow Bryhill Rudolph Lulu VG-87 21*. 

Farnear LEGEND (Monterey * Uno * Snowman): Legend is awarded a +16 in conformation and a GPTAT of +3.02 , specializing in mammary systems (+15) and Feet and Legs (+10). Milk production is well taken care of with +1472 Kg associated with a very good calving ability, giving us the opportunity for a great bull in the heifer breeding programs at 106. LEGEND is sired by Monterey from a Uno VG-87 from a Snowman VG-86 going back to the EX cow with 22*, LILA Z!