In the 1980s, a breakthrough in semen-sexing technology was made by USDA researchers in Livermore, Calif., and Beltsville, Md. The patents for this technology were licensed to XY Inc., Fort Collins, Col., which performed a considerable amount of research during the 1990s to optimize efficiency of these sorting procedures. Commercialization of sexed semen in the United States was initiated with a 2003 license granted to Sexing Technologies (ST), now providing highly skilled personnel to staff their different laboratories around the world.

Sexing Technologies Inc. was created with the goal of producing Sexed Sorted Semen around the globe. In 2003 they acquired the license and in 2004 the first lab started operations in Navasota, TX. Sexing Technologies success along with the success of the technology is in big part due to the addition of the majority of the big semen companies in the world.

In 2007 Sexing Technologies acquired XY Inc; this is a major step towards the improvement of the technology. This acquisition will make possible for ST to put its know-how in the practical application of the technology in conjunction with the R&D capabilities of its personal to take this product to the next step.

The great impact of the technology as well as the successful results in the field has made ST to grow at a steady pace, opening facilities around the world. The facilities in operation include:

2004 - Sexing Technologies - Navasota, Texas - USA

2005 - Lagoa - Holland Genetics - Sertaozinho - Brazil

2006 - Select Sires - Marysville, Ohio - USA

2006 - ABS - De Forest, Wisconsin - USA

2007 - Holland Genetics - Deventer - Netherlands

2007 - CRI - Genex - Ithaca, New York - USA

2007 - Alta Genetics - Conrich, Alberta - Canada

2008 - ST TWG (Trans World Genetics) - Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin - USA

2008 - Accelerated Genetics - Westby, Wisconsin - USA

2009 - CRI-Genex - Shawano, Wisconsin - USA

2009 - Umotest - Roulans - France

2009 - Semen Italy - Bibbiano - Italy

2009 - Sexing Technologies - Hamilton - New Zealand

2010 - Sexing Technologies - Fullerton, Nebraska - USA

2010 - Sexing Technologies - South Charleston, Ohio - USA

2011 - Sexing Technologies - Camperdown, Victoria - Australia

2011 - Sexing Technologies - Laceyville, Pennsylvania - USA

2011 - Sexing Technologies - Lincoln University, Pennsylvania - USA

MoFlo XDP SX Dual Head Sperm SorterSexing Technologies acquired TWG in January 2008. This new facility in Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin, opened ST and its customers a new frontier to markets such as the European Union and China.

Several new projects are in the drawing board. The goal of Sexing Technologies is to make this technology available for all the livestock breeders around the world.