Sexing Technologies® quality sexed semen and embryo products are widely used worldwide. Sexing Technologies is also well known around the globe as one of the top sources for assistance in locating and exporting quality semen, embryos, and live cattle from the United States. Today, embryos are an economical way to export/import the genetics you desire.

Sexing Technologies is certified to send semen to every continent through their multiple facilities. The Headquarters in Navasota, Texas, is certified to send semen and embryos to most continents and TWG-ST in Fon du Lac Wisconsin is approved to send semen to China and the European Union as well as any other destination in the world. All our facilities are CSS approved.

Sexing Technologies, through the experience of its staff, specializes in helping find quality cattle, semen, and embryos for placement in foreign countries. Their multilingual abilities and successful shipments port to port, make Sexing Technologies a truly reliable source for marketing to cattlemen worldwide.

Satisfaction is paramount for both buyers and sellers and ST is dedicated to providing quality genetic improvement throughout the world.

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