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 Quality Semen Sorting Services

National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB)

Sexing Technologies is a member of the National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) and Certified Semen Services. Sexing Technologies® quality semen sorting services adhere to the parameters recommended by these two organizations in our semen collection, processing, and housing of the donors. Our goal is to maximize semen production by providing the bulls with maximum of comfort and by taking all of the necessary steps to minimize stress at the time of collection.

Bulls are collected using steers for live mounts in climate controlled arenas. The semen is identified with bar coded stickers at the time of collection and is followed with the same ID through all of the processing steps.

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Certified Semen Services

CSS Certified Facilities To produce Sexing Technologies® quality sexed semen, the sample needs to have high motility and very good morphology to pass the rigorous quality control (QC) standards established for the process. These QC standards are evaluated pre- and post-sexing to ensure that our customers are receiving an optimum product. These same parameters are used for the conventional semen collection. This is what ST has developed and staked its reputation on for high quality semen around the world.

This is what makes ST-collected semen famous for its high quality around the world.

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Volume of 6 - 7 mL minimum
Concentration of no less than 1.1 billion sperm per mL.
Motility over 70%
Less than 15% Primary Problems - Heads
Less than 15% Secondary Problems - Tails
Less than 25 - 30% Total Morphologic Problems

A random straw of each collection is analyzed after freezing for quality control on morphology, motility, structural soundness, bacteria and purity.
The minimum values accepted for post thaw QC are:
Motility greater than 45% at 0 hours post thaw. View Video
Motility greater than 30% at 3 hours post thaw. View Video
50% of intact acrosomes at 3 hours incubation
Less than 25 Bacteria colonies per freeze batch
A minimum of 87% cells of the desire gender is necessary to approve the release of the analyzed batch.

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