Purified sperm is sex sorted at Sexing Technologies into X-bearing chromosome (female) and Y-bearing chromosome (male) populations. These purified subpopulations are frozen for future use in artificial breeding.

Sperm is sorted by identifying differences between the X- and Y- bearing sperm. The X- chromosome (female) contains about 3.8% more DNA than the Y- chromosome in cattle. This DNA difference in DNA content can be used to sort the X- from the Y- bearing sperm.


The sorting technique is proven to be routinely 93% gender accurate. While there are many variables that determine gender accuracy, our minimum acceptable purity range is greater than 87%.


Thousands of animals have been born as a result of the use of sex sorted sperm. The product is recommended for use in virgin heifers that are on a good plan of nutrition and cycling normally. Accurate heat detection is a must.

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