When conception matters most !

Your business begins at conception. Conception leads to milk and next generation heifers, the tow products that dairy industry depends upon. Working with cooperating herds, STgenetics has created an internal evaluation system that compares conception rate throughout the industry. Using this index, you can maximize conception rates and keep your business running efficiently.

ULTRAFertility index includes:

  • Sexed and conventional semen conception rates
  • More than 7,000 sires evaluated to date
  • 4 millions services for Holstein alone
  • Data updated monthly


For a sire to be ULTRAFertility™ designated:

  • Conception rates must be at least 3% above avg;
  • From a minimum of 500 inseminations;
  • From pregnancy checks by 60 days post insemination;
  • Reliability to exceed 75%


ULTRAFertility™ designated sires offered in SexedULTRA 4M™ semen: