RUBICON: #1 proven sire of the breed

RUBICON dominates in the U.S. and he is now the new #1 proven sire of the breed. His GTPI of +2828 for August genetic summaries includes information from more than 2300 daughters. RUBICON is also +953 NM$. 

RUBICON contributes tremendously to the cheese and butter production with +120 lbs for fat (+.26%) and +984 CM$ (Cheese Merit).

RUBICON’s production traits combine adequately with his management traits: Productive Life (+4.8 PL), Calving Ease (7.2% SCE & 2.6% DCE), Livability (+1.2 Liv.)   and Daughter Fertility (+0.8 DPR).

RUBICON is an EcoFeed™ designated sire and expected to produce daughters that will lower feed costs.

RUBICON is a Mogul son from Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby EX-90.

RUBICON is available from STgenetics and in the most advanced sex-sorted semen; SexedULTRA 4M™.