Vision+20™: The Genetic Snapshot

Vision+20: The Genetic Snapshot

Navasota, Texas – STgenetics® is pleased to launch their newest Genomic Test provided through Genetic Visions-ST, Vision+20. Genomic Testing has been the tool modern dairy producers reach for time and time again to assist them in making management decisions sooner and contributes to many herds genetic gain.

Vision+20: 20 Traits, Markers & Indices Genomic Test  

The Vision+20 Genomic Test developed by STgenetics® is an affordable tool for dairymen to utilize to help make faster management decisions. Vision+20 was developed in collaboration with CDCB to fill a need both the CDCB and STgenetics® saw within the dairy industry.

The results for Vision+20 include 15 Traits, containing 12 CDCB Production, Longevity, Health, Conformation traits, three Selection Indices, and four Milk Markers. Vision+20™ is also an all-inclusive tool to be used with STgenetics® mating program, Chromosomal Mating™. The genomic evaluation is performed by CDCB and includes animal parentage discovery.

Along with this comprehensive genetic package, STgenetics® has released EcoFeed® data on all Vision+20™ Tested females and has back tracked this release three years. By back dating this information by three years, 140,000 females now have updated EcoFeed® Indexes. This data gives dairymen more information into their herd and can assist them in finding their most sustainable animals. 

The Vision+20™ is the most valued compact genomic test in the industry. Vision+20™ is a tool that can be used alongside the Vision+75 test, these two Genomic Tests encompass our Vision+ program and together give great insight into your herd and allows for more profitable management decisions to be made.

STgenetics® believes the Vision+™ Genomic Tests brings a full genetic package option to producers that are looking to make decisions quicker, save investments in the long run and bring genetic leaps to their breeding program.

STgenetics® is a worldwide leader in livestock reproductive services, including sex-sorted semen, embryo production and genomic testing. 

As a company, STgenetics® is continuously challenging the industry’s status-quo through science, research and technology development. Many of its established and some of its latest innovations including, SexedULTRA 4M®, EcoFeed®, Chromosomal Mating, and FarmFit are a direct contribution to the dairy industry.

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*CDCB: Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding