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4M High Purity by STgenetics®

Navasota, Texas - STgenetics® continues to bring dairy and beef operations new innovative technologies to provide dairy producers with the latest biotech tools to efficiently utilize their natural resources. STgenetics® realizes the pressure modern dairy farmers face to produce healthy, efficient, and productive dairy heifers instead of dairy bull calves.

STgenetics® is releasing a new product: 4M High Purity, which presents to the user the possibility of having 96% to 97% female calves. It is a monumental improvement on other technologies that can only do 85% female calves and even our own standard product that does 90% females.

The release of 4M High Purity has started with 44 Holstein sires, eight Jersey sires, two Brown Swiss sires, and one Guernsey sire. STgenetics® has put forth many hours of research and field trials in order to perfect the 4M High Purity product, believing this creates a more valuable outcome for dairy producers who are striving for only heifer calves to be born but are not willing to compromise on conception rates.

This breakthrough achievement brings opportunity, accuracy, and profitability to the modern dairy farmer. “Following the global success of our SexedULTRA 4M® semen, our technology has continued to evolve to a place where it can now produce this elite semen, 4M High Purity which is an incredible testament to our dedicated R&D team and their ability to improve processes and technology. We are excited to offer 4M High Purity to the dairy producers who have been asking for a more accurate and precise product.” Said STgenetics®’s CEO, Juan Moreno

More information will be released on the sires available in 4M High Purity semen soon.

STgenetics® is continuously challenging the industry’s status-quo through science, research, and technology development. Many of its established and some of its latest innovations including, SexedULTRA 4M®, EcoFeed®, Chromosomal Mating™, Vision+, and FarmFit™ are a direct contribution to the dairy industry.
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