April 2021 Proof Summary


April 2021 Genetic Summary for STgenetics®

Navasota, Texas - STgenetics® had an impressive April 2021 Genetic Summary with many chart-topping individuals and exciting new genetics now available. STgenetics® is proud to supply Holstein genetics that can check off all the boxes; from Components to Net Merit to Type, STgenetics® has worked hard to create a lineup of sires who continuously push the genetic goals of our producers and help them to make more profitable mating decisions.

To top off the day, the highly anticipated sire, Charl 551HO03529, was named the #1 Proven TPI sire in the US as well as the #1 PLI sire in the UK. At +3050 GTPI Charl is the first daughter proven sire to achieve his standing while also being over 3000 GTPI. His daughters have been outstanding performers with great components and quality mammary systems with incredible height and width. Charl’s genetic consistency has been proven time and time again through his daughters and sons alike.

His most notable son, Captain 551HO04119, topped the Holstein USA’s Genomic Young Sire List as the #1 GTPI and NM$ sire in the US. Joining Captain on the Genomic Young Sire List is a total of nine STgenetics® sires in the top ten of the list. In the top 50, 26 of these bulls call STgenetics® home.

Another notable achievement for STgenetics® is the STyle Genetics™ sire, Delta-Lambda 551HO03379 achieving the #1 Proven LPI sire at +3600 in Canada and also ranking as the #1 UDC sire in the Top 100 International TPI list at +2.84. Delta-Lambda’s daughters are stylish, balanced, with great feet and legs and excellent udders, he continues to achieve great standings and this achievement is seen in his daughters throughout North America.

STgenetics® April 2021 Proof Day came with a lot of success which has allowed the genetic team to release 41 New Holstein Sires. In this group producers can find 13 sires over 2900 GTPI, 11 sires over 800 NM$, 20 EcoFeed® Designated Sires, 26 A2A2 sires, 25 high component sires and six sires who bring PTAT and UDC to the table.

From this new group of sires, four of these STgenetics® bulls have joined our most elite genetic group within our Legend Program. In the Legend Program producers can find 10 sires over 3000 GTPI, seven sires over 900 NM$ and 13 EcoFeed® Designated sires. The STgenetics® Legend Program has demonstrated its ability to help clients achieve their genetic goals at a faster pace and bring great genetic opportunity to them as well. In the top 1000 GTPI females in the US, 303 of these females are sire by Legend? sires.

STgenetics® prides itself on the genetics provided to its producers, with 27 active bulls over 12 months of age that are over 800 NM$ and 60 Protein, a new opportunity is seen to achieve higher genetic goals while focusing on higher components as well. “We are thrilled with the results from the April 2021 Genetic Summary, our genetic team works hard, as well as our partner herds, to achieve results like this. A proof run that will go down in history for STgenetics®.” State Juan Moreno, STgenetics® CEO.

STgenetics® is continuously challenging the industry’s status-quo through science, research, and technology development. Many of its established and some of its latest innovations including, SexedULTRA 4M®, EcoFeed®, Chromosomal Mating™, Vision+™, and FarmFit™ are a direct contribution to the dairy industry.

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