Chromosomal Mating® by the numbers:

Across over 48 countries
in less than 3 years
with 3.8 million females mated
from 1,800 farms
and counting...

Since its introduction into the market in October 2018, Chromosomal Mating® has been utilized in 48 countries on over 1,800 farms to mate over 3.8 million females. Chromosomal Mating® is a mating solution that utilizes high accuracy genomic evaluations to identify mating pairs that will make the most profitable progeny. Mating results are calculated to increase the selected economic trait or traits to the greatest potential across the entire herd with the females provided by the dairy and the bull team that is selected. Chromosomal Mating® is unique because its goal is to optimize economic traits while accounting for inbreeding depression. We know that inbreeding negatively impacts many of the traits that we select for, so we need to quantify the economic impact of inbreeding in our mating decisions.

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