Vision+20™️ genomic test now offers TPI estimation

MIDDLETON, Wisc. — Livestock genetic testing leader and innovator Genetic Visions-ST™
(GVST) is excited to announce a Total Production Index (TPI®*) estimation is now available to
international customers as part of the Vision+20™ genomic testing platform offered through
their genomic testing services provider.

The TPI estimation** is validated by the Holstein Association USA and available for international
female Holsteins. Vision+20 is part of Genetic Visions-ST’s Vision+ genomic testing platform,
which provides an animal’s genetic snapshot of traits that are important to evaluate females in a
herd and help producers make important breeding decisions, such as identifying elite animals
for breeding to sexed semen and lesser genetic value animals that can be bred to beef semen.
Traits identified in the Vision+20 test include production, health, conformation, and selection
indexes provided by the CDCB as well as milk markers and EcoFeed® score. The TPI estimation
allows producers to rank animals based on a compilation of many traits that affect profitability,
helping them create the best future for their herds.

GVST recently opened a USDA certified Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) laboratory within its existing
facility so the company can conduct genomic testing on dairy cattle tissue samples from
countries in South America, Asia and Africa.

The lab, which represents the highest level of biosecurity available in the genetic testing
industry, opens to GVST new genomic testing markets in 15-20 countries and provides dairy
producers in these countries with tools to help them improve the genetic quality of their

GVST is certified by the Council for Dairy Cattle Breeding and holds the prestigious ISO/IEC
17025:2017 accreditation through the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation, which
formally recognizes the high-quality genomic services GVST provides customers.

* TPI® and GTPI® are registered service marks of Holstein Association USA, Inc.
**TPI estimation available for customers who participate in data sharing with STgenetics
**TPI estimation available for animals that are 95%+ Holsteins