STgenetics August 2021 Proof Summary

The quality and consistency of the STgenetics® sire line-up is highlighted once again with the release of the August 2021 genetic summary. Holstein breed highlights include;

* 3 of the Top 6 TPI sires on the International List *
* 49 sires in the Top 100 for GTPI on the International List *
* 53 sires in the Top 100 for NM$ on the International List *
* 2 sires above 3.6 GPTAT *

With a wide range of sires to tick all breeder needs; from TPI, Components, Net Merit and Type to becoming more feed conversion efficient with EcoFeed®, making more profitable decisions using our genomic testing program Vision+™ and ensuring you find that perfect match through Chromosomal Mating™. Together, we are building a legacy and making genetic history, one great after the next.

First to mention is proven sire, Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL. CHARL from STgenetics® made it to the top spot once again, solidifying his position as the #1 Proven TPI in the International TPI Sire List at +2927! CHARL reaffirms his Legend™ status with daughters showing great udder quality with exceptional high, wide rear udders. They are extremely persistent milk producers, starting well and continuing to improve. Joining CHARL in the top 10 include NASHVILLE and DEDICATE. Two sires which offer the breeder ….

Genosource CAPTAIN continues to lead the way as the #1 Genomic GTPI sire at +3093 (bulls 10 months and older). Now with +1096 NM$, +1665kgs Milk, +121kg Fat and +1.4 Fertility. Captain has also confirmed his #1 PLI Sire spot in the UK for the fifth consecutive proof run at a huge £944 PLI. CAPTAIN is an elite sire on the market.

Switching to Type, and we have another of the big highlights in FARNEAR DELTA-LAMBDA who is the #1 UDC sire on the Top 100 International TPI bulls at +2.98. Delta-LAMBDA stands at +639 NM$ offering balance and huge improvements for Milk at +1060 kgs. Delta-LAMBDA is also gaining international popularity by transmitting exceptional type with steady uniformity and consistency.

Moving to the Red & Whites, the STgenetics® Red & White portfolio was further strengthened by the news of JORDY-RED and ALTITUDE-RED as the New #1 Proven Red sires for Type. JORDY-RED and ALTITUDE-RED are +2.88 GPAT and are both Style Genetics™ designated. Both sires are making square, balanced, deep bodied, STylish heifers, and if this is any indication, their mammary promise will shine through too.

AUGUSTUS-P-RED also remains one of the elite Red and Whites sires in the breed, and globally. He ranks as the #1 Red & Polled sire in Canada at +3600 GPA-LPI. Whilst ranking as the #1 Polled Red & White at +1659 ISET in Switzerland, and the #5 Polled Red & White at +658 £PLI in the UK. AUGUSTUS-P-RED has a phenomenal balance of Index, Type and Health traits making him highly desirable in many countries around the world.

The STgenetics® Jersey line-up also continues its dominance with 4 of the Top 10 JPI sires. Proven sire GOT JIGGY now ranks as the #1 JPI sire in the breed. GOT JIGGY is from the Avery Katie cow family at Brentwood Farms and his dam is Kash-In Dazzler 42833 EX-93. He is followed by JALAPENO in second, SAUVECITO in fourth and SUGAR DADDY in eighth position. Our Jersey program has a history of providing some of the best Jersey genetics to the market, meeting many breeder's needs.

At STgenetics® we also pride ourselves on our excellent line-up of coloured breeds specialists, all available in 4M™, the most advanced gender sorted semen on the market. Our portfolio includes an extensive selection of Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Guernsey and Milking Shorthorn genetics suited to a variety of systems. Brown Swiss sire SABRE now ranks as the #3 NM$ sire and MARTINI the #4 PTAT and UDC sire. Both available in 4M High Purity™ with 96-97% gender accuracy. For the Guernsey breed, TOBY KEITH also ranks as the #3 NM$ sire along with LATIMER who continues as the #1 active PTAT sire with JAMES DEAN coming in as 3# for PTAT.

Following the August 2021 genetic summary, keep your eyes peeled for the latest STgenetics® catalogues to land on farm in the coming weeks. This includes 16 New release sires available in 4M™, 2 New Homozygous polled sires and 41 Legend™ designated sires led by CAPTAIN, CHARL and BUXTON.

At STgenetics® we strive to deliver a portfolio of sires that continuously push the genetic goals of our producers, offering the most complete line-up of sires available on the market. All bulls are offered in SexedULTRA 4M™, the most advanced gender sorted semen on the market, produced using a unique semen cell sorting process.

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