STamina™ Industry-First Crossbred Bull Lineup

NAVASOTA, Texas January 28th 2022 – STgenetics®, a global leader in biotechnology, bioelectronics and bioinformatics, has introduced STamina™, the dairy industry’s first lineup of F1 dairy crossbred sires. This next generation of crossbred breeding allows dairy producers the opportunity to maximize heterosis through continued generational crossbreeding programs.

“As the U.S. dairy industry is focused on producing more high-quality, high-component milk in a more sustainable and efficient way, genetics take a larger role,” says Mitch Hockett, U.S. Technical and Sales Services Manager with STgenetics®. “Crossbreeding is at the center of that conversation about what kind of efficient cows will be needed in the future. With STamina™, we’re excited to be a part of that conversation and evolution by bringing this exclusive and unique offering of F1 bulls to the marketplace.”

The initial offering in the STamina™ lineup includes F1 bulls that are offspring of elite Holstein and Jersey matings.

Crossbreeding has become popular for several reasons as producers search for options to diversify the genetic makeup of their herd. The heterosis benefit brings together the best of two breeds to create a more efficient and productive animal.

“We took the best genetics from the Jersey and Holstein cows in our herd and put those superior breed traits into one crossbred animal to take advantage of our changing milk market,” says Joshua Wright, herd manager at Double A Dairy in Jerome, Idaho. The dairy milks 20,000 Holstein, Jersey and F1 crosses. Double A has begun to sample bulls resulting from Holstein and Jersey matings. There are 14 F1 bulls in their sampling program that are part of the STamina™ lineup.

“Our collaboration with STgenetics® has opened doors for us to further analyze data, increase genetic advancement and maximize the positive genes the population inherits from each breed,” Wright says. “STgenetics® has such a phenomenal team of people that provides value to every aspect of the dairy industry.”

For more information on STamina™, talk to your STgenetics® representative.

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