Ultraplus™ - New Gender-sorted Semen Technology

Ultraplus™ – Going FURTHER BEYOND to Set the New Standard in Gender-Sorted Semen

Sexing Technologies®, the industry leader in sorted semen technology, is pleased to announce Ultraplus™. A new gender-sorted semen technology, adding the most innovative improvement to the sorting process, Ultraplus™ results in the highest Conception Rates ever seen before in the dairy industry. Available at 90 plus percent of desired gender from Sexing Technologies®, Ultraplus™ is poised to meet the growing demand for gender-sorted semen which has doubled in the global usage over the past five years.

“Ultraplus™ represents the next tier in our continued commitment to bringing the most reliable, technology-driven solutions to the industry,” says Juan Moreno, Sexing Technologies® Chief Executive Officer. “It goes FURTHER BEYOND our original semen sorting technology to bring the highest Conception Rates in the history of this product to help our customers meet their profitability and sustainability goals.”

This new gender-sorted product offering has a 3 percentage points in fertility increase over Sexing Technologies®’ SexedULTRA 4M®. There are three years of laboratory research and development behind Ultraplus™ and the increase in fertility is based on field data collected from 72 farms, 52 different sires and over 15,000 inseminations of lactating cows. This data confirms that the improved Ultraplus™ is officially the highest Conception Rate gender-sorted semen at 14% rate gain over the initial XY marketable semen sorting technology available since 2005 from Sexing Technologies®.

Since gender-sorted semen hit the market, Sexing Technologies® has been at the forefront of the technology and in constant search of ways to improve the process and ultimately, the results for farmers. The products so far have been SexedULTRA® with 8 percentage points in fertility increase over the original, then SexedULTRA 4M® with another 3 percentage points in fertility increase and today, there is Ultraplus™ with an additional 3 percentage points improvement in Conception Rate.

The Sexing Technologies® commitment to improvement has led to the development of Ultraplus™, the highest fertility gender-sorted semen in the world. This increase in fertility was achieved by further refining the Sexing Technologies® revolutionary sorting process. Ultraplus™ is ready to meet the growing demand of gender-sorted semen, a trend that has been gaining momentum globally in the past four years in the evolving dairy industry.

With 44 owned and licensed labs in 19 countries, Sexing Technologies® is the pioneer in gender-sorted dairy and beef semen and provides over 80 percent of all sorted semen around the globe. With these resources, Sexing Technologies® strives to serve and assist farmers in achieving all aspect of their genetic goals while bringing profitability and sustainability to the dairy and beef industries.

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