Holstein Proof Highlights - April 2022

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STgenetics®, the industry leader in technology and services, solidified their genetic position with a strong showing following the reissue of April 2022 Genetic Summary by Holstein Association USA. Global favorites like CHARL, Delta-LAMBDA and CAPTAIN held their genetic ground, while other standouts like RAPID, DEDICATE, TWITCH and NIGHTCAP made solid gains on the Holstein USA Top 100 International TPI® Bull List. In addition to these exciting sires, STgenetics® had chart toppers in various categories around the world.

Along with new proof results in April, STgenetics® introduced Ultraplus™, the newest innovation in gender-sorted semen technology. Ultraplus™ is proven to have the highest Conception Rates ever seen before in the dairy industry for gender-sorted semen and is available at 90 plus percent of desired gender. The entire STgenetics® lineup is offered in Ultraplus™.

551HO3591 RAPID added 286 daughters to his proof and jumped 100 points in TPI to secure the number 9 spot on the Top 100 International TPI® bulls list with a +2887 TPI. This STyle™ sire is +1538 Milk, +88 Fat and +59 Protein and is a type and udder specialist at +2.20 PTAT and +1.99 Udder Composite. He is also A2A2 and an EcoFeed® sire.

As he continues to add daughters, 551HO3529 CHARL is following in the footsteps of industry icons, RUBICON and DELTA. He held strong in the Top 15 on the list at +2880 TPI, +938 NM$ and +942 CM$. He is also +96 pounds of Fat with a +.12 percent for Fat, an STgenetics® certified EcoFeed® sire and A2A2.

CHARL’s son, 551HO4119 CAPTAIN, had an outstanding day in the United Kingdom where he claimed the top £PLI position for Genomic sires at +950. In the U.S., he came back at +3067 TPI, +1078 Net Merit Dollars, +1088 Cheese Merit Dollars and +117 Fat.

At +3206 GTPI, 551HO4520 THORSON is the #1 available GTPI Sire of the breed among high ranking TPI® young bulls. He is also a component specialist at +152 pounds and +.36 percent for Fat and +71 pounds and +.11 percent Protein. Those numbers all combine for +1308 Cheese Merit Dollars. This Legend™ sire is another standout with CHARL in his pedigree and is A2A2.

Also finishing strong on the international front were STyle™ sires 551HO3627 CRUSHTIME and 551HO3708 MILIO, who claimed the number one spots among their groups for Type. MILIO was number 1 for Type among genomic sires in Italy with a +3,78 Tipo (Type) and +4,18 Mammella (Mammary). In Canada, he is +11 for Conformation and +11 for Mammary System, while he is +4.15 GPTAT and +2.70 Udder Composite in the U.S. CRUSHTIME was again the number 1 Proven sire for Tipo at +3,52 and +4,22 Mammella. He’s +3.16 PTAT and transmits great udders at +4.07 for Fore Udder Attachment and +3.44 for Rear Udder Height.

551HO3379 Delta-LAMBDA continued his success being the #2 LPI and tied for the #2 spot for Conformation at +14 in Canada among proven bulls. At +2793 TPI, he retained a spot on the Top 100 TPI® list and claimed the #1 Udder Composite sire among all the sires on this list with a +2.91 Udder Composite. Delta-LAMBDA also held strong on Type at +2.86 PTAT, +4.14 Rear Udder Height and +4.10 Rear Udder Width.

At +2863 TPI, 551HO3590 DEDICATE is an A2A2 and BB sire that is bred for longevity. He is +5.6 Productive Life and +1.9 Livability with a +1.5 Daughter Pregnancy Rate. He also transmits components at +73 Fat and +57 Protein and is +107 Hoof Health in his Canadian proof.

551HO3600 NASHVILLE continues to be a leader in the STgenetics® lineup at +2840 TPI, +1033 Net Merit Dollars and +1044 Cheese Merit Dollars. NASHVILLE is also A2A2, a high Productive Life sire at +5.9 PL and is high EcoFeed® at 108 on the Index. He is transferring those health and production traits to his sons at STgenetics® as well.

Making his initial appearance on the Top 100 International TPI® list is 551HO3714 TWITCH. This Helix son specializes in Fat at +101 pounds and +.22 percent. He also comes in at +2800 GTPI, +860 Cheese Merit Dollars and +850 Net Merit Dollars.

551HO3369 NIGHTCAP hails from the Robust Delicious family. At +2770 TPI, he is +77 and +.09 percent for Fat, is a cheese specialist at +846 Cheese Merit Dollars and transmits great udders at +2.50 Rear Udder Height and +2.42 Read Udder Width. He also is +109 on Hoof Health in Canada.

551HO4491 STYLELEADER*RC is the top Genomic sire among Red and Red Carriers in the Holstein breed for both Type and Udder Composite. A MOOVIN*RC son, STYLELEADER*RC is +3.05 UDC, +4.02 Fore Udder Attachment, +4.41 Rear Udder Height and +4.00 Rear Udder Width. This STyle Genetics™ sire also transfers style and exceptional feet and legs being +3.99 for PTAT and +2.10 for Foot and Leg Composite.

551HO3617 ALTITUDE-RED is another high Type red sire with growing momentum. At +3.07 PTAT, he passes on strength, style and eye appeal to his daughters. Furthermore, with his +2.66 Udder Composite, +3.58 Fore Udder Attachment and +4.76 for Read Udder Height, his daughters have tremendous udders. ALTITUDE-RED is also designated STyle Genetics™.

Three other high type sires claimed top spots for Udder Composite among Genomic sires. The top UDC bull, 551HO4738 WICHMANN, is +3.59 UDC with +4.29 Fore Udder Attachment, +4.95 Rear Udder Height and +4.45 Rear Udder Width. This Hancock son who goes back to the world renown Apple-Red, transmits show winning Type at +3.93 PTAT. Next is 551HO4371 PERENNIAL, a STyle™ sire, who comes in at +3.46 Udder Composite, claiming the #2 UDC spot within Genomic sires. He is also over four points on Fore Udder Attachment, Rear Udder Height and Rear Udder with along with being +4.06 PTAT.

Along with these high-ranking sires around the globe, STgenetics® offers programs that fit the needs of today’s dairy farmers. One of these opportunities is STamina™ an exclusive crossbreeding program, collaboration between STgenetics® and Double A Dairy. The sires in STamina™ are specifically designed to complement crossbred dairy females while maximizing heterosis through generational crossbreeding management. Programs like STamina™ are part of STgenetics® Integrated Approach to bring farmers all the tools to meet their on-farm breeding goals. All sires in the current lineup are available in Ultraplus High Purity™, the highest Conception Rate gender-sorted semen in the industry.

STgenetics® is a global leader in research focused programs and services that bring profitability to the dairy and beef industries. Grounded in technology, STgenetics® is committed to improving herd genetics, conversion efficiency and ultimately agricultural sustainability. As the pioneer in gender-sorted dairy and beef semen, the company provides over 90 percent of all gender-sorted semen around the globe and markets through 8 wholly owned subsidiaries and over 130 distributors.