STgenetics® releases STrategy™ to Herd Profitability

STgenetics® is home to the most innovation-driven programs and services in the industry and now they are all coming together in STrategy™, an interactive web-based platform to assist dairy farmers in reaching their breeding goals. STrategy™ is the revolutionary Integrated Approach that allows farmers to use their genetic and genomic data to visualize their herd potential and then develop a simple, yet focused plan of action for their breeding program.

“STrategy™ is an all-encompassing platform that brings all the technologies, products and services of STgenetics® together to accelerate genetic progress and profitability in each step of the genetic process,” says Sara Westberry, Genetic Service Leader at STgenetics®. “This Integrated Approach is engineered to help our customers understand the benefit and return on investment from each of the products and services we offer in a very user friendly and visually dynamic way.”

Westberry adds that STrategy™ has been in planning and development by a cross-functional team at STgenetics® for the past year and its tools align with a natural progression of breeding decisions. Its combination of programs like Vision+™ genomic testing, EcoFeed®, Beef Add On™, and the Chromosomal Mating® makes it the most comprehensive platform of its kind in the industry. Add Ultraplus™, the highest Conception Rate gender-sorted semen in the industry, to that package of programs and services, and farmers have the tools at their fingertips to progress their herd genetics.

Presently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, STrategy™ is designed to bring dairy farmers the most accurate data on their genetics to make informed decisions regarding their breeding program. It is the latest in the innovative collection of programs and services available from STgenetics®, the company that is consistently challenging the industry’s status-quo through science, research and technology development. Many of those established innovations including Ultraplus™, Ultraplus High Purity™, EcoFeed®, Chromosomal Mating®, Vision+™, Beef Add On™ and FarmFit® are helping to revolutionize the beef and dairy industries.

Located in Navasota, Texas, STgenetics® is making the world greener, more sustainable and profitable. By improving herd genetics through science and technology, the company believes that the best way to predict the future is to create it, while feeding the world with our passion for the beef and dairy industries. The STgenetics® Integrated Approach to management combines cutting edge genetics, innovation driven programs and gender-sorted semen to aid farmers in advancing their genetic progress while attaining herd goals.

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