Holstein Proof Highlights - August 2022

STgenetics® - The Solutions to Make Every Dollar Count

Inflation. Expense increases. Every dollar counts, now more than ever. In these extraordinary times, dairy farmers are under increased financial pressure to remain profitable. Innovative cost saving solutions are crucial for the future of a farm.

Genetics should be under extra scrutiny, as attaining results is almost three years away, while technology can increase genetic precision. There are many tools available to dairy farmers and using these tools is crucial to a farm’s future. STgenetics® has the programs and genetics to help farmers make every dollar count during these challenging times.

Ultraplus™, the newest innovation in sorted semen technology, controls the odds of the most important profitability decision – calf gender. Gender-sorted semen allows farmers to control the number of dairy females they are creating therefore reducing costs by not raising additional replacements. The entire line of STgenetics® sires is available in Ultraplus™.

The current high Conception Rate and gender accuracy of sorted semen allows opportunity for crossbreeding, adding value to calves in the beef market. Beef Add On™ replaces the dairy male calf with a value-added crossbred calf. And now this program is even more advanced with its accurate, data- proven results which follow from the start of gender-sorted semen to the end with a crossbred animal in the supply chain. As the only unique, proven beef sire lineup for dairy crossbreeding that is backed by DNA parent verification and progeny tested performance, Beef Add On™ follows the progeny from insemination to the meat case to get the results farmers want from their crossbred male calves.

As feed costs also continue to rise, getting animals to produce more efficiently is critically important. Using less feed to produce milk means less waste. EcoFeed®, genetics for Feed Conversion efficiency, is the solution for soaring feed costs and to create a sustainable future.

Following the August 2022 Genetic Summary on August 9, the STgenetics® sire program shines internationally on the prestigious TPI® sire list. With 22 sires on the Top 100 TPI® list published by Holstein Association USA, STgenetics® held its strong position as an international genetics leader.

RAPID is STgenetics® #1 Proven TPI® Sire and comes in at number 10 on the Holstein Association USA Top 100 TPI® list at +2934 TPI. RAPID is the #1 in Type & Udder Composite sire amongst the Top 10 TPI®. RAPID is EcoFeed®, A2A2 and has limited availability.

International standout, Delta-LAMBDA, continues his significant influence both in the show ring and at home, where his daughters are winning shows and his milk, fat and protein add dollars to the bulk tank. He once again claimed the #1 Udder Composite Sire spot amongst the Top 100 International TPI® List at +2.95 UDC. At +2.89 PTAT, +4.20 Rear Udder Height and +4.13 Rear Udder Width, Delta-LAMBDA daughters are consistently balanced, feminine heifers that develop into impressive cows with phenomenal mammary systems. From early market availability in female gender-sorted semen as a Genomic sire in 2016 to becoming a breed-leading proven sire, Delta-LAMBDA has earned breeder admiration around the world.

Legend™ sire CHARL is following in the footsteps of RUBICON and DELTA, where he is standing strong as one of the top 15 Proven sires on the Holstein Association USA Top 100 International TPI® List. Ranking at number 15 on the list at +2901 TPI, CHARL is +913 Net Merit Dollars, +98 pounds and +.13% Fat and +917 Cheese Merit Dollars (CM$) with 100% Holstein progeny data in his proof. He is also an EcoFeed® sire and A2A2.

Like his sire CHARL, CAPTAIN is driving genetic momentum through the Legend™ Program across the globe. CAPTAIN further solidified his position as a leader being #1 £PLI sire in the UK at +£1014. In the U.S., he finished at +3075 GTPI, +1065 Net Merit Dollars, +119 Fat and +61 Protein.

TAMPA has a unique sire profile that combines production, health and conformation at +1639 Milk, +7.0 Productive Life and +4.7 Heifer Conception Rate. With 560 daughters, this Proven sire makes long-lasting daughters that are A2A2, excel in hoof health and specialize in cheese and protein at +956 Cheese Merit Dollars.

THORSON maintained the top position as the #1 GTPI sire available at +3218 GTPI following the August 2022 Genetic Summary by Holstein Association USA, with 100% Holstein progeny data. THORSONis an impressive +1285 Net Merit dollars, +1304 Cheese Merit Dollars, +153 pounds +.35% Fat and +70 pounds and +.10% Protein. He is also A2A2 and a leader withing STgenetics Legend Program.

The STgenetics® Red & White program continues to excel across the globe. Three of STgenetics® Red and White and Red Carrier bulls are in the Top 5 for the International Red and White and Red Carrier Proven PTAT List. MOOVIN*RC is # 1 on this list at +3.61 PTAT. MOOVIN*RC daughters are fancy heifers and are calving in to be impressive uddered, high classifying young cows. ALTITUDE-RED follows close behind MOOVIN*RC at #3 on this list at +3.09 PTAT and JORDY-RED comes in at #5 with +3.01 PTAT.

The STgenetics® protein breed lineup continues to offer a diverse range of sires to the industry, all of which are available in Ultraplus HighPurity™, 96% to 97% female calves. The Got Maid son, JIGGY is the anchor of the Jersey group at +146 JPI and +729 Cheese Merit Dollars. The JIGGY influence continues through his sons, VIKTOR, JALAPENO, SUGAR DADDY and SUAVECITO. FAMOUS and FOREMOSTare leading the way among the Brown Swiss breed as they continue to add daughters. Brown Swiss new sire SULLY is a backed by an exciting pedigree to make beautiful uddered daughters. Guernsey sire COIN COLLECTOR and the Ayrshire LUCKYlead in Net Merit and Cheese Merit Dollars, while JACK is a PTI leader.

STgenetics® is a global leader in research focused programs and services that bring profitability to the dairy and beef industries. Grounded in technology, STgenetics® is committed to improving herd genetics, conversion efficiency and ultimately agricultural sustainability. As the pioneer in gender-sorted dairy and beef semen, the company provides over 90 percent of all gender-sorted semen around the globe and markets through 8 wholly owned subsidiaries and over 130 distributors.

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