August 2022 Holstein Specialist Catalog

STgenetics is excited to share the Fall 2022 Holstein Specialist Catalog!

The STgenetics® Fall 2022 Holstein Specialist Catalog provides you with the solutions to make every dollar $ count in times of uncertainty! Offering an extensive range of cutting-edge technologies, innovative programs and complete sires, to increase your genetic potential and profits! 

Our latest innovations include Ultraplus™, the new and improved gender-sorted semen with 90% or higher gender accuracy and the highest Conception Rates ever seen in the dairy industry.

And as feed expenses continue to rise, STgenetics® Holstein bulls now include an evaluation for EcoFeed® heifer and EcoFeed® cow to assist you in identifying bulls that meet your goals for production, health, reproductive, and type traits along with Feed Conversion efficiency during the growing period as well as in lactation! Consuming more, with LESS has never been more important...

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