August 2022 Beef Add On™ Specialist Catalog

Beef Add On™ by STgenetics® - From semen to finishing beef: Accuracy. Reliability. Profitability!

Every calf counts, now more than ever and Beef Add On™ from STgenetics® helps save costs on excess heifers and add value to crossbreeding progeny. For the first time ever in the industry, Beef Add On™ is the unique data-driven Beef sire lineup for Dairy crossbreeding, backed by DNA parent verification and progeny-tested performance.

The Fall 2022 Beef Add On™ Specialist Catalog that showcases these sires is now available from STgenetics®.

All STgenetics sires are available in Ultraplus™, the newest and most innovative gender-sorted semen with 90% or higher gender accuracy and the highest Conception Rates ever seen in the dairy industry.

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