First ever Progeny-Tested EPDs for Beef on Dairy genetics

STgenetics® is excited to announce the first ever genetic offering with progeny-tested EPDs for Beef on Dairy genetics, Beef Add On™. This unique data-proven Beef sire lineup for dairy crossbreeding is validated by DNA parent verification through Vision+™ genomic testing and backed by a growing list of 80-plus progeny-tested Beef on Dairy sires. From insemination on the dairy farm, all the way through the finishing at the feedlot and finally the supermarket meat case, it now brings a new level of accuracy, reliability and profitability to Beef on Dairy genetics.

 Exclusive new EPDs with Beef Add On™

“We are continually working with dairy farm partners to gauge profitability on our Beef on Dairy sires and we currently have a completed net profit index called Progeny Profit Expectation ($PPE) to establish these high-ranking sires exclusive from STgenetics®,” states Casey Anderson, STgenetics® Beef Add On™ Director. “Backed by progeny-proven data for feed testing and 3rd party validated for all carcass traits, $PPE compares our Beef on Dairy sires on a standardized scale of profit. Our high-ranking $PPE sires generate a substantial increase in profit above those we would call average, or slightly below average.”

Progeny Profit Expectation ($PPE) is a Terminal Economic Index based on Sexing Technologies® exclusive EPDs derived from the first ever progeny-tested Beef on Dairy sires. While standard industry EPDs offer valuable insight on their own, the $PPE from STgenetics® combines them together to offer even more cost saving advantages to farmers. $PPE is a combination of the following EPDs progeny-proven by STgenetics®: Average Dairy Gain (ADG), ultrasound Fat at 12th rib (in) (uFat), ultrasound Ribeye Area (in²) (uREA), ultrasound Intramuscular Fat (%) (uIMF), Hot Carcass Weight (lb), Carcass Ribeye Area (in²), Carcass Fat Thickness (in) and Carcass Marbling (MARB).

The new $PPE index also factors in STgenetics® exclusive EcoFeed® trait to identify Feed Conversion Efficiency genetics, proven to more efficiently convert feed to meat, based on the phenotypic and genomic data collected from calves of Beef Add On™ sires.

Using $PPE to identify the best sire options for your herd

 This new Beef Add On™ $PPE index shows STgenetics® commitment to improve farm profitability all the way through the supply chain. By working with partner herds from across the U.S., STgenetics® has been gathering mating reproductive data and this data is 100% genotyped validated to ensure its accuracy. The list of the highest-ranking Beef Add On™ sires available based on this index includes the Angus sires AN1568 DRILLER, AN1418 CHIEFTAN, AN1672 HOMEGROWN, AN1551 HIGH ROLLER, AN1518 SUNBEAM and AN1474 STORM and Simmental sire, SM9037 REMEDY.

Every Calf Counts. Now more than ever. In these extraordinary times, dairy farmers are under increased financial pressures to remain profitable. Innovative, cost saving solutions are crucial for the future of a farm and the latest in these solutions is Beef Add On™, the only data-proven Beef on Dairy genetics available to the industry that measures performance from insemination to finishing.

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