Every dollar counts. Now more than ever.

Inflation. Bills are rising. In these extraordinary times, dairy farmers are under increased financial pressure to remain profitable. Innovative cost-saving solutions are crucial for the future of your farm.

If the challenge exists, so does the solution

Dairy farmers are making critical management decisions every day. Genetics should be under extra scrutiny during thee challenging times, as attaining results is almost three years away (9 months from breeding to calf birth, +/- 24 months to first lactation). Technology can increase genetic precision. Using the tools available to you is crucial to your farm’s future. Gender-sorted semen allows you to control the number of dairy females you’re creating, therefore reducing costs by not raising additional replacements. The high Conception Rate and gender accuracy of gender-sorted semen allows opportunity for crossbreeding, adding value to calves in the beef market. 

Ultraplus™, the newest innovation in gender-sorted semen technology, controls the odds of the most important profitability decision – calf gender. Beef Add On™ replaces the dairy male calf with a value-added crossbred calf.

Feed costs are on the rise. Getting animals to produce more efficiently is important. Using less feed to produce milk means less waste made in the process. EcoFeed®, genetics for Feed Conversion Efficiency, is the solution for soaring feed costs and to create a sustainable future.

With many options out there for genetic progress, making accurate choices can be a challenge. Relying on genomic testing takes the guess work out of the decision-making process. This precise, accurate, reliable service leads to cost savings and unlocks progeny potential. STgenetics® offers the most progressive genomic testing in the marketplace, Vision+™.

STgenetics® has a vast arsenal of tools that will provide a solution to the financial challenges of today’s dairies.