Keep your margins up in these challenging times

Inflation. Cost increases. Financial pressure. How can dairy farmers keep their hard work profitable at the end of the day? The change is in your hands, and genetics is part of the answer.

Dairy farmers are looking at each line of their milk check to ensure maximum profitability per pound of milk. Since components are the main money makers, targeting for Fat and Protein can help boost milk value. There are different factors that impact the amount of milk solids a cow produces, and they are all aligned to the success triad of dairy farms: management, nutrition and genetics.
A cow’s ability to produce higher milk components is influenced by her genes. Improving genetic selection for Fat and Protein has positive impacts on milk quality, helping farmers to fatten up their milk check. However, profit is an equation that includes revenue minus expenses and feed expenses make up more than half the cost of producing milk on today’s dairy farms.