The Dairy Holiday Source by STgenetics® & GenoSource

STgenetics® and GenoSource are collaborating on a modern dairy cow and heifer sale, The Dairy Holiday Source. This online sale will be held on December 14th through where selective large groups of cows and heifers will be available.

With over 300 head selling, this sale provides an opportunity to the modern dairy producer looking to buy large specialty groups that can help them achieve their profit goals. Lots will be offered in various specialties, from robot trained to sire specific and more, STgenetics® and GenoSource are excited to offer some rare genetic group opportunities.

More information will be released on sale specifics soon. STgenetics® and GenoSource are excited to offer this opportunity to the global market and looks forward to assisting dairy producers achieve their specific herd goals.

STgenetics® is a worldwide leader in livestock reproductive services, including sex-sorted semen, embryo production and genomic testing.

As a company, STgenetics® is continuously challenging the industry’s status-quo through science, research, technology development and programs. Many of its established and some of its latest innovations including, Ultraplus®, EcoFeed®, Chromosomal Mating™, and FarmFit™ are a direct contribution to the dairy industry.

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