STgenetics® Sires & Products Shine at 2023 World Dairy Expo

The 2023 World Dairy Expo has come to end and the week was filled with exciting events for STgenetics® including a day of tours featuring STgenetics® partner herds in Iowa, the launch of STgen™’s Farmfit® animal monitoring platform and outstanding results for STgenetics® sired progeny in the elite dairy cattle shows. STgenetics® was once again a Four Star Sponsor of the event, where they provided leads people for the National Youth Judging Contest and gave brushes to dairy cattle exhibitors during their show box barn drop. STgenetics® also had a new booth space this year in the Exhibition Hall, which drew many World Dairy Expo attendees throughout the week. 

Farmfit® Launch 

Farmfit®, the newest technology in animal monitoring from STgen™, was launched on Thursday at World Dairy Expo, where STgenetics® Director of Farmfit®, Mitch Hockett introduced the new technology to many farmers, industry members and STgenetics® staff during a live press event.

Farmfit® is an animal management platform based on a new innovative smart bolus that monitors each animal in the herd bringing individual care on a large scale. The bolus connects most aspects of on-farm animal management including identification, growth and weight, health protocols, and reproduction to bring them into one animal management platform for the farm team. It sends individual health signals for monitoring cattle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In calves, Farmfit® alerts to temperature changes to enable earlier intervention and to reduce severity of health problems. In cows, it monitors daily activities to optimize productivity and health, and to focus labor on times when animals need assistance. 

Dairy Dynasty Tours 

On Wednesday, STgenetics® Dairy Dynasty Tour hosted over 200 guests from 22 countries including Brazil, Germany, Poland, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, China and more! The tour group traveled to STgenetics® key partner herds in Iowa, GenoSource, Mormann Dairy and Farnear Holsteins.
While at GenoSource, they saw a lineup of 40 STgenetics® sired progeny from bulls like CAPTAIN, CHARL, UPSIDE, HEIR, RAPID and more along with their new 90-cow stall rotary parlor and their feed center. Those in attendance were given an in-depth view of GenoSource’s genetic program and how technology and genetic gain has transformed GenoSource’s herd to what it is today.  
At Mormann Dairy, the group viewed their refurbished free-stall barn and 16 Lely Robots milking 1,000 cows. Mormann Dairy shared a bit about their herd, presented daughters of CHARL, DEDICATE and more as well as showed the dam of MYTYME, MAZE and MORNING. They also enjoyed some delicious ice cream from a local Ice Cream Shoppe.
Farnear Holsteins, the breeder of the Premier Sire of the 2023 International Holstein Heifer Show, Farnear Delta-LAMBDA, was the final destination of the tour. There, tour attendees witnessed the state-of-the-art robot barn that Farnear built in 2021, which now has 9 Lely Robots milking 650 cows. They also saw a lineup of progeny sired by CAPTAIN, ALTITUDE-RED, MIAMI, DELTA and many family members of Delta-LAMBDA, ALTITUDE-RED, AIRCRAFT*RC and ARCHITECT*RC while at Farnear Holsteins. 

STgenetics® Sired Progeny Excel on the Colored Shaving 

The outstanding results of the STgenetics® sire lineup was showcased through all breeds last week at the 2023 World Dairy Expo. STgenetics® progeny brought home Champion honors in numerous shows throughout the week. Below is a show report of all top placing animals from this year’s shows. 

International Junior Holstein Show

  • Farnear Adios 3415-ET by Delta-LAMBDA, was winning Winter Heifer Calf and went on to be the Junior Champion of the International Junior Holstein Show for Ana, Carson & Colin Rauen of Farley, Iowa
  • Ryan-Vu Crushtime Starstruck by CRUSHTIME was the 3rd Winter Calf and the Best Bred and Owned Heifer of the Junior Show for Dylan and Cameron Ryan of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  • Ladys LAMBDA Loveless-ET by Delta-LAMBDA was the winning Summer Yearling Heifer and Reserve Junior Champion for her owners, Chandler & Calvin Bening of Lomira, Wisconsin
  • Petitclerc LAMBDA Alexie by Delta-LAMBDA was the 2nd Spring Heifer Calf for Savannah & Kolton Crack of Richmond, Quebec, Canada
  • Buckmeadow Lambda Ramsey by Delta-LAMBDA was 6th Spring Calf for Colt & Luke Buckley, of Lawrenceburg, Wisconsin
  • Genosource Cookie Dough by CHIEF was 7th Spring Calf for Ana, Carson, and Colin Rauen, Dyersville, Iowa
  • Go-Sho Olivias Obsession-ET by Delta-LAMBDA was the 8th Spring Calf for Tessa & Stella Schmocker, Whitewater, Wisconsin
  • Vandoskes Lambda Charlie-ET by Delta-LAMBDA was the 9th Spring Calf for Brianne, Brooklyn & Reid Vandoske, Cleveland, Wisconsin
  • Scenic-Moraine Sassygirl-ET by ALTITUDE-RED was the 10th Spring Calf for Karson & Klayton Krohlow and Brandi & Payton Prodell, Black Creek, Wisconsin
  • Hilrose Altude Pitbull by ALTITUDE-RED was 9th Winter Calf for Bentley, Blake, Brodie & Kylie Brantmeier, Hilbert, Wisconsin
  • Petitclerc Crushtime Anita by CRUSHTIME was 10th Winter Calf for Jacob & Hannah Coller and Avery Eaton, Dekalb Junction, New York
  • Weigland Dl Alexkae-ET by Delta-LAMBDA was the 2nd Fall Heifer Calf for Kaelyn, Kenadee & Keegan Weigel of Platteville, Wisconsin
  • Genosource Looks Matter-ET by Delta-LAMBDA was the 3rd Fall Heifer Calf for Chandler & Calvin Bening of Lomira, Wisconsin
  • Genosource Lip Service-ET by Delta-LAMBDA was 6th Fall Heifer Calf for Ana, Carson, & Colin Rauen, Lomira, Wisconsin
  • Rollingriver A Malibu by ALTITUDE-RED was 3rd Summer Yearling for Wyatt Gordon, Zansfield, Ohio
  • Ladys Lambda Loretta Lyn by Delta-LAMBDA was 7th Summer Yearling for Chandler & Calvin Bening, Lomira, Wisconsin
  • Luck-E Moovin A-Moon by MOOVIN*RC was 1st Fall Yearling in Milk for Caleb, Josiah, Helena, Adrian, & Ella Olson of Lena, Wisconsin
  • C-Cove D-Lambda Sweet Tea by Delta-LAMBDA was 6th Fall Yearling in Milk for Molly Cessna of Clearville, Pennsylvania
  • Kings-Ransom DeltaL Slammin by Delta-LAMBDA was 3rd Summer Junior Two-Year-Old Cow for Showbox Sires and Kings Ransom of Rudolph, Wisconsin
  • C-Cove D-Lambda Sweet Tea by Delta-LAMBDA was 6th Summer Junior Two-Year-Old for Wesley Brantner of Saegertown, Pennsylvania
  • Milksource Tantalize-Red-ET by ALTITUDE-RED was 2nd Junior Two-Year-Old for Taylor Haeft & Brady Beals, Delavan, Wisconsin
  • Kress-Hill Spicy-Red-ET By ALTITUDE-RED was 2nd Senior Two-Year-Old for Hadley Ross of Delavan, Wisconsin
  • JS-Fairholm Mvn Wildcard-ET by MOOVIN*RC was 7th Senior Two-Year-Old for Jon & Chloe Chapman and Alexis & Nichole Teixeira, Turlock, California
  • SDD-AH Jry Airjordan-ET by JORDY-RED, was 8th Senior Two-Year-Old for Tyler & Britney Smith, Norwood Young America, Minnesota
  • Clarkvalley Awesome Izzy by AWESOME-RED was 3rd Junior Three-Year-Old for Hadley Ross, Mesa, Arizona
  • J-Folts Awesome Halawa-ET by AWESOME-RED was 6th Junior Three-Year-Old Isaac Folts, North Collins, New York
  • Rupp-Vue Awesome Magnetic-ET by AWESOME-RED was 5th Senior Three-Year-Old Carissa Pittman, West Salem, Ohio
  • Oak Ridge-K Ab Temptation by ABSOLUTE-RED was 6th Senior Three-Year-Old Kylie, Tyler & Trysten Verthein, Altura, Minnesota
  • Apple-Pts Ainsa-Red-ET by ALTITUDE-RED was 2nd Four-Year-Old for Hadley Ross, Mesa, Arizona 
  • Limoncello Awesome Lola by AWESOME-RED was 5th Four-Year-Old for Kasey & Kyle Clanton, Mulberry Grove, Illinois