AcuFast™’s Position on Gene Editing

At AcuFast™, we are committed to embracing advanced technologies. We prioritize the implementation of biotechnologies, bioelectronics, and bioinformatics that support significant genetic enhancements. These tools allow us to continue driving environmental sustainability, animal health and welfare, producer profitability, and consumer acceptance while preserving the natural genome.

It is essential, however, to recognize that technologies like gene editing are still in their early developmental phases and transparency to the consumer should be considered. Today, AcuFast™ does not support the use of gene editing in commercial swine production. Instead, we provide a platform that emphasizes production of efficient and sustainable pork.

The pork industry and its consumers have encountered various challenges in recent years and are likely to face more in the coming months. It's crucial for us to reflect on the industry's priorities and the needs of consumers. We invite industry leaders to contemplate what truly matters for the pork value chain and consumers today and into the future.

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