BWWWYWMILKSCCarc WtREAMARBFATTendernessRetail ProductDocilityCEDCEMFrame Score
HK Blue Blood 986
HK Blueprint HK Millionairis 359/2
HK Passport 632
Ms. 3X-HK 827 Ms. 3X Red Dynasty 1/4

Tattoo: 998
Born: 7/23/2012
Birth Wt: 83 lbs
Weaning Wt: 610 lbs
From:  HK Cattle, TX
  • There could not be a more complete pedigree of known genetics in the Red Brahman breed than are found in Blueprint.
  • Being sired by HK Blueprint 575, who is the maternal brother to +HK Passport 777; Blueprint 998 is also out of the dam who is the maternal sister to Arquitecto.