ProductionMaternalCarcass$ Value
ACC. .     
Hoover Dam
Baldridge Xpand X743 Baldridge Queen S87
Connealy Counselor
Daltons Lass 3342 W H S 5050 Lass 78Z

Tattoo: 7313
Born: 11/1/2017
Birth Wt: 71 lbs
Weaning Wt: 751 lbs
Yearling Wt: 1280 lbs
Yearling SC: 36.2 cm
Yearling Frame: 6.2
From:  Daltons on the Sycamore, VA and Spring Grove Ranch, VA
  • As the record-setting bull from Spring Grove Ranch, Expanse checks a lot of boxes for pedigree, genetic profile and phenotype from a proven cow family. His genetic reach for growth and muscle is uniquely paired with elite calving ease.
  • When you study the power and presence in his video, and combine that with his overall quality and extensive list of genetic upgrades, we challenge you to find one better than Expanse.