ProductionMaternalCarcass$ Value
ACC. .35.37 .   
Connealy Capitalist 028
LD Capitalist 316 LD Dixie Erica 2053
Musgrave Foundation
Musgrave Prim Lassie 163-386 SCR Prim Lassie 80634

Tattoo: 1175
Born: 2/6/2015
Birth Wt: 77 lbs
Weaning Wt: 850 lbs
Yearling Wt: 1560 lbs
Yearling SC: 41.6 cm
Yearling Frame: 6.2
From:  Musgrave Angus, IL and TD Angus at Rishel Ranch, NE
  • Exclusive was one of the first 316 sons to sell and Musgrave's bought him back to use heavily in their own herd. They have identified him as one of the preeminent 316 sons in the breed.
  • As one of our top sellers for 2019, Exclusive is a larger outlined, higher performing version of his sire with the same body mass and phenotypic quality.
  • His Foundation x Boom Time dam has 2 at 104 for WW and 2 at 109 for YW. The Lassie cow family can be trusted to deliver fleshing ability, fertility and performance.