ProductionMaternalCarcass$ Value
ACC. .34.37 .   
KM Broken Bow 002
Spring Cove Reno 4021 Spring Cove Liza 021
KR Cash 4403
Schroeder Lady Tessa 8446 Schroeder Lady Tessa 844

Tattoo: 8446
Born: 1/15/2018
Birth Wt: 88 lbs
Weaning Wt: 878 lbs
Yearling Wt: 1470 lbs
Yearling SC: 37.5 cm
Yearling Frame: 5.9
From:  Schroeder Angus, IA
  • Our selection of the 2018 bull calves from Schroeder Angus, High Roller was a standout from the beginning backed by a 123 WW ratio, a big hip and wide build.
  • As one of the first Spring Cove Reno sons available in A.I., here is an opportunity to take his legacy forward with a son that is flat good. His dam is a deep-ribbed, perfect-uddered young cow that is headed to the donor pen.
  • Check out High Roller's new video to see the genuine body, rib shape and muscle expression he offers in an exceptionally smooth package!