ProductionMaternalCarcass$ Value
ACC. .40.42 .   
Basin Payweight 006S
Basin Payweight 1682 21AR O Lass 7017
B/R Destination 7222-1148
B/R Blossom 3254 B/R Blossom 1102

Tattoo: 5247
Born: 8/21/2015
Birth Wt: 72 lbs
Weaning Wt: 707 lbs
Yearling Wt: 1240 lbs
Yearling SC: 39.5 cm
Yearling Frame: 6.0
From:  TD Angus at Rishel Ranch, NE
  • MVP is a unique 1682 son for HP and RE within the Angus population. His clean neck, smooth shoulder, superior foot quality and genuine square hip give him an advantage over most.
  • At the 2019 TD Angus sale, his first set of progeny averaged nine sons for over $6,000 and two daughters at $15,000.
  • He's backed by a bulletproof cow family that consistently provides fertility and quality. His dam and granddam are easy-fleshing matrons with a record of progeny performance and longevity.
  • MVP is unique in his ability to produce high fertility semen in volume. Available in Conventional and SexedULTRA 4M® this fall.