BWWWYWMILKSCCarc WtREAMARBFATTendernessRetail ProductDocilityCEDCEMFrame Score
(+)JDH Karu Manso 800
Mr Mendel De Kallion 436 (ET) JDH Lady Risch Manso
Mr Mendel De Kallion 732
Miss Kallion 1731 Miss Algodon Manso 204

Tattoo: 1352
Born: 3/20/2012
Birth Wt: 72 lbs
Yearling SC: 34.0 cm
From:  Kallion Farms, TX
  • Named the #6 of 2018 and #11 for 2014 - 2018 as an Influential Gray Herd Sire with the American Brahman Breeders Association.
  • 1352 is a great calving ease option, with 124 purebred calves averaging 66 pounds at birth. Recommended for heifers and crossbreeding.
  • Carrying on the Kallion Farms legacy of Carcass Merit, 1352's calves average 5% IMF! 1352 himself ratioed 111 for IMF and 109 for REA at the Genetic Development Center.
  • 1352's calves are deep bodied, heavy boned and extremely fertile. His calves are exceptionally quiet and gentle.