ACC. .   
TH 122 71I Victor 719T
TH 49U 719T Sheyenne 3X TH 23S 103R Duchess 49U
MSU TCF Revolution 4R
PCR Rhonda Shelli 330A PCR Ida Shelli 106Y

Tattoo: PCR507C
Born: 3/15/2015
Birth Wt: 76 lbs
Weaning Wt: 743 lbs
Yearling Wt: 1346 lbs
Yearling SC: 38.2 cm
Yearling Frame: 6.3
From:  Phil and Chris Rottman, MI
  • Chief saw heavy use last spring as one of the most logical choices for heifers available in the A.I. industry. In the current AHA genetic evaluation, Chief is one of only four homozygous polled sires with his tandem of CED and YW.
  • His calves are consistently deep bodied and dark red with excellent rib shape and volume. The daughters will make tremendous cows.