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Tattoo: BOE806F
Born: 3/6/2018
Birth Wt: 85 lbs
From:  Beauprez Land & Cattle, CO; G&G Show Cattle, MTJF Ranch, L&K Livestock, and Blount Farms, TX
  • Game Changer is a maternal brother to BOE Garth and has the genuine quality and power necessary to become a mainstay in the show cattle industry.
  • As a 3/4 Maine, use him in SexedULTRA 4M® female to create beautiful, high Maine show heifers or male to create massive, dense bodied steers.
  • Game Changer's blend of structural integrity, straight lines and bona fide muscle is hard to rival. He has the elite club calf style and shag to work in any market, along with the color that stands out in the slick show ring. THF/PHAF